Free Banking and Gold Standard 

Free Banking is an ultraliberal counter-program to sovereign money. Sovereign money is in line with up-to-date > Currency Teaching. Free Banking, as the term suggests, propagates > Banking Teaching.
Quite often, the idea of free banking is combined with wanting to return to a gold standard as is the case with the Neo-Austrian School. 

Neo-Austrians and New Currency Theory share a similar criticism of fractional reserve banking. Strangely enough, Neo-Austrians blame the problem on government and central banks rather than the banking industry. The Neo-Austrian idea of money and banking reform then is banking without legal-tender laws and central banks, on the basis of a return to a 100% gold reserve. This appears to be quixotic, but is a revelation to others.

Here is a paper on > Neo-Austrians between Gold Standard, 100%-Reserve and Free Banking. Notes on the occasion of reading Huerta de Soto, a main proponent of the Neo-Austrian School.  -  Or > download as a PDF.

 Barbara Panvel  > Thomas Attwood - a 'country banker' - would have been affected by the 1844 Act, 4 Sep 2013.